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Squire Rules

General rules and changes

  1. In Squire, any plainswalker can be your commander.
  2. Your squire takes up one card from your deck. So Commander + Squire + 98 = 100 cards.
  3. In addition to your commander(s), squire and deck, you also have a 10 card sideboard.


  1. Your squire's color identity may only contain 1 color outside of your commander's. If it does it must also share at least 1 color with your Commander's color identity, unless your commander is colorless.
  2. Your squires CMC must be equal or less than the CMC of your commander.
  3. You may cast any squire from the command zone, if you control that Squire's Commander, and only if you control that Squire's Commander.
  4. Whenever you cast a Squire from the Command zone, its cost is increased by 1 generic mana for each time it has been cast from the Command zone this game by any player.

Changes to commander damage

  1. Your squire does not deal commander damage if your commander is a creature.
  2. If your commander is a planeswalker, your squire deals commander damage.
  3. Poison damage has been raised to 15. This is because you can have up to two creatures that deal infect damage on the command zone.


  1. Check the squire banlist
  2. Gold-bordered and oversized cards are legal.